Sunday, January 4, 2009

S.I.C Limited Masked Rider Den-O (Rod & Ax Form)

Limited SIC Den-O Rod & Ax Form

The latest S.I.C release from Bandai - Limited Edition SIC Den-O Rod and Ax Form is another continuation of the S.I.C Den-O series, although its been called "Limited Edition" but I think you can still get it easily from the market.

Ax Form

First up the review for Ax- Form, I am not so fond about Ax form because of its look, it doesn't feel like a masked rider to me, but anyway its fun posing with him:

Ax: Nakerude (Cry !!!) Ax: Wanna Fight?

Ax: Come On!!

Dynamic Chop

Rod Form

I prefer the Rod form better than Ax Form, although both has the same articulation since they uses the same body but playing with Rod Form is alot interesting IMO:

Rod: Hmph!!

Rod: Yare Yare...

Rider Kick!!!

Rod: Boku Ni Churarete Miru?? (Wanna be fished by me?)

Double Action

In conclusion, this is well... I would say it is just an average S.I.C, not that much to talk about. Anyways, it still cant be missed by all the hardcore S.I.C fans.

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