Sunday, January 18, 2009

S.I.C Vol 44 Masked Rider Zeronos & Deneb Imagin

S.I.C Vol 44 Masked Rider Zeronos & Deneb Imagin

This is the 4th strike from S.I.C Den-O series, I wonder when will the series end, it has been more than half a year, and its still the hottest selling figure out there. I do agree that S.I.C Den-O series is very well sculpted, the articulation is simply awesome. When it comes to playability, I have to give it a two big thumbs up.


Zeronos, the second rider to appeared in the Masked Rider Den-O series which aired in Japan for 2007. Zeronos alter ego, Yuuto is a mystery teenager who identity is unknown until at the end it reveals that he is actually the young Yuuto from the past who is sent to protect his future love interest, which turns out to be Ryotaro (Den-O) elder sister.

Zeronos - Front & Rear View

Zeronos: Saisyu ni itte oku, Ore wa KARANI TSUYOI!!

Zeronos: Come On!!

Zeronos: RYUTARO!!!!!

Deneb Imagin

Yuuto / Zeronos Imagin - Deneb, a clumsy and cute imagin that likes Yuuto alot and even will sacrifice himself for his master. His speciality is cooking and making sweets, although Zeronos and Deneb are both enemy to Ryutaro, deep inside Deneb heart, he still hopes that one day, they all can get along together.

Deneb Front & Rear View

Deneb: Sweet and Lunch, anyone??

~Deneb Gourmet Specialty~

Deneb: Yuuto, I will protect you!!

Zeronos - Vega Form

Vega Form is the ultimate form of Zeronos when it combines himself with Deneb, creating the coolest masked rider in Den-O series.

Zeronos: Deneb!!

Vega Form - Front & Rear View

Double Action

Deneb: Yuuto, its time for lunch.....

Zeronos & Deneb Imagin

Overall, this is really a good piece of S.I.C, I was hoping that I can get two boxes to display both Zeronos and Vega Form, but looks like due to the global economy slowdown, I better save my money for other figures, hahaha.

Next up will be S.I.C Vol 45 - Den O Liner Form and Zeronos (Upgraded) to be released in end of January 2009.


  1. Saw improvement in your figure photography, just that the contrast is a bit high resulting in harsh gradient. Try Shadow/Highlights. Set Shadow to 0% and Highlights to 30% and see how things turn out.

    Can pinjam the yummy lunch set for my Nendoroids photography?

  2. Maybe its the lighting problem, still having problem getting white background. Some pics turn out okay but others just got too dark background.

    The lunch set is cute eh...hahaha no problemo..can borrow any time just make sure ur nendoroids dont eat them ok..