Monday, April 27, 2009

Kellie's Castle

Last weekend was so busy where me and my friends went to a wedding dinner at Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The next day we have "dim sum" as breakfast before departing to Kellie's Castle.
Guys, enjoy the photos as Kellie's Castle is really a nice place especially for photographers. Although the castle looks old and abondoned , the view is still worth a visit.

The Castle

~My Castle~

The Corridor

From Top of Kellie's Castle

Front View of The Castle

Me: Haha.... I will rebuilt this Castle one day!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

S.I.C Vol 47 Masked Rider Den-O (Climax Form) & Urataros Imagin

S.I.C Vol 47 is released !!!!!

Its been a months since I update my blog, sorry guys, been busy with my gaming lately, haha.
Okay, back to business, the latest S.I.C vol 47 had been released in Msia, although the pricing is a bit high, around RM250++, its still a must have for all masked rider fans.

Masked Rider Den-O Climax Form

Masked Rider Den-O Climax Form is one of the strange design of masked riders but it still have alot of fans who actually like it.
Well, I am one of them, the form changes from Gun, Ax, Rod and Sword is soooo cool and stylish. I really like the design by Ando Kenji it really brings out the Den-O spirit, plus the articulation is perfectly done.

Front and Rear of Den-O Climax Form

RYU Force!!!


Climax Ax Punch!!!!!!

Wanna try out my Fist of Ax!!

Climax Rod Kick Form


Hmph!!! Ore sama wa CLIMAX da!!!

Urataros Imagin

As one of the four main imagin of Ryoutaro, Urataros takes the form of a turtle and always act like a pevert who talks dirty and likes gals. I never like the design of Urataros because I hate turtle kinda things.
Anyways, Urataros is full of accesorries like mirror, tea, fishing rods and a japanese fan.

Front and Rear of Urataros Imagin

Urataros Takara Mono

Come On!!


Kame - Hame KICK!!!!!

Fishing is my favourtie sports...hehe

Another Fishing session

Double Actions

Oretachi wa Sai Kyou da!!!!

Its been coming to one year of S.I.C Den-O series, and I believe it is coming to an end after the release of S.I.C vol 48 Masked Rider Gaoh and Kintaros. Hopefully the new rider series will be Kabuto....

Thanks for viewing, guys.