Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Celebration at Bavarian Berhaus (The Curve)

Dining at the Bavarian Berhaus (The Curve) was one of the most expensive dinner I ever had (apart from wedding dinner la..). BB is a quite wellknown German restaurant in town and its just opposite TGI Friday, you will never miss it.
The main dish at the Restaurant was none other than Roast Pork so we ordered two dishes of pork, one lamb and another mix sausages. I would say the lamb is the most delicious of all, as I felt that the pork was hmmm....not so tasty....well in a way chinese style "char siew & siew yok" is much more better...

Beveran Berhaus

Yummy yummy... they even serve German beer, maybe I am not a drinker, I can't tell the difference between Carlsberg and the German beer. its the same yo....

Lamb Chop

Roasted Pork

Mix Sausages


Photo Shooting at The Curve

Since I brought along my camera, might as well take some pics for my friends...

Moon: Can I have another beer??


Chiew Ling

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