Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Celebration at Bavarian Berhaus (The Curve)

Dining at the Bavarian Berhaus (The Curve) was one of the most expensive dinner I ever had (apart from wedding dinner la..). BB is a quite wellknown German restaurant in town and its just opposite TGI Friday, you will never miss it.
The main dish at the Restaurant was none other than Roast Pork so we ordered two dishes of pork, one lamb and another mix sausages. I would say the lamb is the most delicious of all, as I felt that the pork was hmmm....not so tasty....well in a way chinese style "char siew & siew yok" is much more better...

Beveran Berhaus

Yummy yummy... they even serve German beer, maybe I am not a drinker, I can't tell the difference between Carlsberg and the German beer. its the same yo....

Lamb Chop

Roasted Pork

Mix Sausages


Photo Shooting at The Curve

Since I brought along my camera, might as well take some pics for my friends...

Moon: Can I have another beer??


Chiew Ling

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008 at Sunway Convention Centre (Part 3-Final)

This is the final part guys, well I guess it is down to the guy cosplayers and some really strange and weird ones...lets go to the pics shall we...

Male Cosplayers

Not much of the male cosplayers caught my attention, only a few below I think really deserve some compliment, they really have it all out...ganbatte guys.

Dante (did you eat too much lately??...kidding..)

from Naruto (forget his name.....)

Sengoku Basara

Haloween Sora

Special Cosplayer

I think some of them did some unexpected cosplay characters like Cobra (really unexpected), Katamari, Nemesis and etc..

Cobra from G.I.Joe

Katamari .. We Love You....


Krauser II from Detroit Metal City

Nemesis (Resident Evil)


I manage to capture a few act that the cosplayers post out, really awesome....

Nemesis: Kiss...ME!!!!! Braggghhh...

Fire, please....

Head Shot

Lelouch: Si Ne Nasai!!


These figures are all by figuremall, I think they really get alot of business nowadays as the anime market in M'sia is blooming.

Suzumiya Haruhi

Well, thats kinda covers the event of that day, of course I left out the stage performance, the artist booth and other stuff...but most importantly I get some good shot of the cosplayers. In fact, I also got myself some nice batches and a revoltech Gurren Lagann figure.

Camwhorers everywhere....(including myself)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008 at Sunway Convention Centre (Part 2)

After spending few hours browsing through the pics taken, finally chosen a few shots that I personally think is good and here they are part 2 of the gallery....enjoy:

More Gals

I have no idea where all this cosplayers come from, there are just too many of them...I can name only a few...

Suzumiya Haruhi


Odin Sphere

Yuna & Rikku

Simply love these two cosplayers...or its just me loving final fantasy gals....hahaha




Rikku & Yuna (Where's Paine?)


Its really fun when you do things together, just so cool.!!!

EyeShield 21