Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last weekend on Sunday, I went to Genting Highland for a one day trip with my cousins. Its been a while since I went to Genting Theme Outdoor Park, its a whole lotsa fun riding those roller coasters again.

Cable Car

What you can see from the cable car was probably only a piece of big rain forrest...it was a bumpy ride up to the hill. I never actually enjoy it cause I am a little scared of heights..it makes me feel sick.

Cock Screw

Believe it or not, I never ride on the cock screw before in my life and I really wanted to say that it was really thrilling..awesome feel of gravity lost.

Flying Coaster

You get to feel the excitement of being a superhero thats fly but the ride was too short making me not having enough of it.


A lot of children seems to like this ride, it just never caught my interest to ride it cause it makes me feel dizzy to go round and round....


The duckling were so cute I cant resist to take some pics of them. You get a chance to hook the duckling and win some prizes by paying only 2 ringgit for a token....unfortunately we didn't win any....:(

A genting trip is never complete without entering the Casino...hahaha unfortunately I also donated some money to the late Uncle Lim. I wish I have better luck next time.

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