Thursday, November 27, 2008

Aki Hoshino and Yumi Sugimoto Calendar '09

Yes!!!! after a long wait of about a month my package from Yesasia finally arrived at my door step!!!
It's the calendar of year 2009 by Aki Hoshino and Yumi Sugimoto!!

Aki Hoshino & Yumi Sugimoto

These two ladies are the hottest gravure idols in Japan nowadays, needless to say Aki Hoshino always has the perfect figure that every girls dream off, apart from that she also has a deadly cute little face that captures all the guy hearts while Yumi Sugimoto is the young rising idol, she already appears in lots of magazine and web photoshoot and recently she is being cast in some japan drama series.

Yummy Hoshino

Who's eating the ice cream???

Lets dance !!!

Yotsuba likes Yumi

Even my yotsuba can't stand the charms from Yumi chan, hahahaha....

Yeah, ganbatte Yumi chan!!

Guys, go get your copy from Yesasia now.... before they ran out of stock!!!

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