Monday, October 27, 2008

S.I.C Display

I have been collecting S.I.C (Super Imaginative Chogokin) figures for quite some time. For those who don't know what is S.I.C, its a japan action figure sculptured by the infamous Takeya Takayuki and Ando Kenji. They are responsible also for the artwork published every month in Hobby Japan.

In the past two years, Bandai Japan started a event called Tamashii Nation where they showcase all their extreme and gorgeous artworks in Japan, Hong Kong and even Taiwan. Here are some pics that I took of from my collection shelf:

S.I.C Armored Hibiki ~Sengoku Jidai Version~

A limited edition of the normal S.I.C 32 Hibiki by KenjiAndo, althought the paint job is not as great as the S.I.C 32, it is still a collector's item.

S.I.C Vol 20 - Shinning Agito
An early S.I.C product by Kenji Ando, it is also one of my favourite S.I.C.

Movie Realization Masked Rider The Next 1 & 2
I wonder why Bandai didn't produce Masked Rider V3 The Next version, this two piece is merely a repaint of Movie Realization Masked Rider The First 1 & 2.

S.I.C vol 36 - Garren

A very cool S.I.C, I personnaly think this is the best S.I.C line ever by Kenji Ando, all the masked rider turns out so awesome. I never thought Ando will do such a great job after the hibiki series.

Collecting S.I.C has been a fun and interesting hobby to me, well ~ it can be a $$$ sucking hobby as well :)

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  1. Great collections you have there since the past few years and finally you have this blog to channel the sense of accomplishment in the virtual world ^^ OSU!!!