Sunday, October 26, 2008

ACGC 2008

Hi guys,
Recently, I went to the ACGC 2008 held at Mid Valley. There were showcase of latest online games, cosplay, figures, anime and so on....Here are some photos that I manage to grab, enjoy:

Although I dont know who is she cosplaying, I just felt like taking pics with her since she is so cute

Naruto's Sakura

Lolita Girls

My favourite Anime Characters - Misa and L ~ wonder where is Light?~

Cool outfit man... you rock!!

There was a cosplay competition on that day too, however only eight contestants were participating, considering the 1st prize was a Nintendo Wii, I thought there should have been more contestants. I guess Msia cosplayer is still not up to the challenge yet.....:(

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  1. Congrats on the successful launch of this blog! Too bad there actually weren't too many moe girls for us to cling on :p Nice pics btw. May there be more babes pic in future entry.