Saturday, February 7, 2009

S.I.C Vol 45 Den-O Liner Form and Zeronos Zero Form

S.I.C Vol 45 hits stores this February!!

When it is going to end..... just when I thought that S.I.C vol 47 Den-O Climax Form and Urataros will be the final line up of Den-O series, the latest announced S.I.C is going to be GaO and Kintaros, hopefully this will the the end of Den-O.....(Bandai, where is my Kabuto???!!)...Anyways back to Den-O Liner Form and Zeronos Zero Form, both of them appeared in the later part of Masked Rider Den-O series, any IMO this is one of the best S.i.C from Den-O series, not to mention that they share the same articulation but the weapon design itself is really artistic and cool!! Goob Job Ando!

Den-O (Liner Form)

Liner Form, the final and strongest form of Den-O (is it???I doubt that actually). Den-O, a special human being Ryoutaro who actually can handle multiple imagin at a time transformed into Den-O liner Form with the help of all four imagin ..Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros and Ryutaros.

Den-O Liner Form Front and Rear View

Liner Sword (Momo-Ura-Kin-Ryu)

Liner Form: - Den~Sha~ Gi~Ri~

Liner Form: Arrgghh!!!

Liner Kick!!!!

S.I.C Den-O Sword, Rod, Ax & Gun Forms

~Den-O Liner Form~

Zeronos (Zero Form)

Zeronos Zero Form, transformed by Yuuto who revived from his death after he used up all his transformation cards given by his future self. I had forgotten part of the stories but I think Yuuto somehow return with a more stylish deneb cannon gun. The figure is just a modification from the earlier S.I.C Zeronos but the head sculpt is more furious and Bandai is generous enough to include his gigantic deneb cannon gun and big sword.

Zeronos Zero Form Front and Rear View

Zero Form: Deneb Cannon

Zero Form: Ore wa Ka Na Ri Tsuyoi!!!

Zero Form: Bring it On!!! Imagin!!

Zero Form: Si ne Nasai!!!

Double Action

Liner Form & Zero Form

Liner Form & Zero Form: Let's Rock!!!

Hoohooo....I really enjoyed playing with these two figures!! two thumbs up for S.I.C vol 45, highly recommended for all kamen rider fans.

Next up will be S.I.C vol 46 - Masked Rider One and Cyclone (The Next Version)...still dont understand why Bandai chose to realease the same figs ...its already been out for the last two years in the Movie Realization series, the only difference is the sculptor for this time is Takeya Takayuki..I would prefer of Takeya Takayuki would design the some old school riders like Strongers, Super One and so on..

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