Monday, February 2, 2009

My Brand New - HTC Touch Viva

HTC Touch Viva

Since my O2 mini is starting to go haywire this few months (auto shutdown, wrong alignments....and so on..), I decided to upgrade my PDA phone.
After doing some review on the latest HTC Touch phones, I went for their budget HTC Touch Viva phone.


HTC Touch Viva

Home Screen

The Touch Viva offers their latest touch flo technology (I would say a mimic from the Iphone...haha) anyway, the interface is nice and smooth although the processor is only 200 MHz.
Its running windows mobile 6.1 with Wi-Fi connection, the down side is it didn't have GPS and 3G which I seldom use.

Loving 'it

Comparing with my bulky O2 mini

Even Yotsuba is loving 'it

Asta La Vista....O2!!

VIVA ~ Together with the Speakers ~


  1. Sleek design is the strength of the Viva! It may lack of some advanced features i.e. GPS & HSDPA but its slim profile makes up for its weakness. How does the 200MHz Omap processor perform compared with the 400MHz Xscale Arm processor? You got overclock?

    Nice pictures, btw Yotsuba is the mascot for this blog?

  2. Yaya, Yotsuba rocks...hehe..
    The processor so far so good, but when it comes to video playback, it sucks...haha.

    I havent overclock it yet. Wont make much different i think.